Aug 30 • 31M

Deep learning in Google Earth Engine with Jake Wilkins

The pros and cons of several approaches to deep learning with Earth Engine

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Robin Cole
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In this episode Robin catches up with Jake Wilkins to learn about Deep learning in Google Earth Engine. Jake has been building commercial Earth Engine applications for the past three years and in this conversation he describes the pros and cons of several approaches to using deep learning models with Earth Engine. Note you can also view the video of this recording on YouTube here

Bio: Jake is a Software Engineer and Data Scientist based in London, UK. He has been building commercial Google Earth Engine applications for the past three years. His significant contributions include the no-code platform, Earth Blox, and the climate monitoring platform STRATA for UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme). Alongside this, Jake has consistently developed his skills in machine learning, and a notable accomplishment in this field is winning the Earth-i hackathon last year. Jake has a deep passion for addressing the climate crisis and is committed to making Earth Observation more accessible to combat it.