Jan 27 • 13M

Career chat with Zhuang-Fang NaNa Yi

Zhuang-Fang NaNa Yi is a senior machine learning engineer at Regrow Ag

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Robin Cole
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In this episode of the career chat series, Robin catches up with Zhuang-Fang NaNa Yi to hear about her career path into the role of senior machine learning engineer at Regrow Ag

Bio: Zhuang-Fang NaNa Yi is a senior machine learning engineer at Regrow Ag. Her day-to-day work involves building R&D and machine learning models to scale and generate accurate machine learning-derived data layers for sustainable and regenerative agriculture at Regrow. Formerly, she was a machine learning engineer & GeoAI team lead at Development Seed and a research scientist at World Agroforestry Centre. She had a Ph.D. in Ecology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a B.S. in Geography from Sun Yat-Sen University. Outside of work, she is an artist, and you can often find her work at local art galleries, art shows, and art centres in the DC area.