Welcome to satellite-image-deep-learning.com. This website exists to support both beginners and experts in applying deep learning to satellite and aerial imagery. The content published includes a regular newsletter & podcasts, YouTube videos, resources on Github, and activities on Discord. This content is produced by Robin and Mikolaj because we believe in the collective benefit of knowledge sharing.

Robin Cole, PhD

Robin is the founder of satellite-image-deep-learning.com, and the primary creator of the content. Robin holds a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge, and has significant R&D experience across academia and industry. Over the last ten years, he has been working in the space sector, applying his optical expertise in the design and manufacture of space-based telescopes, as well as specialising in Python-based image analysis and software development. Robin is a well-known authority in machine and deep learning techniques for processing satellite and aerial imagery, and is dedicated to education. Connect with Robin on Twitter and LinkedIn

Mikolaj Czerkawski, PhD

Mikolaj (or Miko, pronounced as mee-koh) is the co-producer of the content at satellite-image-deep-learning.com. He leads the development and editing of our video and podcast content, while also providing support in managing the organization's activities across the social channels and on the Discord server. Mikolaj is currently finishing his PhD at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where his research focuses on various aspects of image synthesis applied to satellite images. You can learn more about Mikolaj's work and interests on his personal website at https://mikonvergence.github.io/ and connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn

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