AI at Nearmap with Michael BewleyListen now (24 min) | Michael is the Vice President of AI and Computer Vision at Nearmap
Multiple Field-of-Views Segmentation, Hugging Face, Location-based species presence prediction, AI for Social Good, FireRisk dataset, Lightning 2.0 …
Career chat with Martha MorriseyListen now (9 min) | Martha is a machine learning engineer at Pachama
Sub-continental-scale mapping of individual trees, Label-conditional Synthetic Satellite Imagery, Roofline-Extraction dataset, Detecting ships in port…

February 2023

Satellite image time series with Gilberto CamaraListen now (30 min) | SITS is an open-source R package for land use and land cover classification of big Earth observation data
Career chat with Nishant YadavListen now (16 min) | Nishant is an Applied Scientist at Microsoft Azure AI
Turkey Building Damage Assessment, SegForestNet, Real-time tracking of wildfire boundaries and Raster Vision with Adeel Hassan
ViTs for SITS, MAFAT challenge, Satellite Burned Area Dataset & TorchGeo 0.4.0
Vision Transformers for Satellite Image Time Series with Michail TarasiouListen now (11 min) | An exciting step towards high accuracy and automated crop mapping from space

January 2023

Career chat with Zhuang-Fang NaNa YiListen now (13 min) | Zhuang-Fang NaNa Yi is a senior machine learning engineer at Regrow Ag
Career chat with Philip RobinsonListen now (13 min) | Philip transitioned from working in computer security research, to working on environmental and satellite imaging challenges at…
Unsupervised Wildfire Change Detection, MAFAT challenge, Which device to deploy in a satellite?, Iquaflow, Discord, datasets repository & Career chat…